Red Alert! All Hands, Battle Stations! (FDA May Rule Soon – Time Is Short)

Red alert! All hands, red alert! The Cardassians have formed an alliance with the Romulans. Together, they have sent a fleet of warships through the Neutral Zone and they are now headed for planet earth. To complicate matters, there is a squadron of Borg vessels on its way to the Alpha Quadrant as we speak, with intentions to assimilate our entire population. Tactical! Raise shields and arm the photon torpedoes. Red alert, all hands, battle stations!

FDA Pushes Effort to Ban E-Liquid Flavorings

Okay, it isn’t quite that bad, I have to admit. I may have stretched the truth a bit. There are no Borg cubes on their way to earth. But for those of us who vape, the situation could be quite dire. I’m sure that you’ve heard. The FDA is proposing to deny e-liquid manufacturers the right to put flavorings into their liquids. Time is very short to stop this from becoming a hard, fast rule. So, the vaping community needs your help.

If the FDA is successful in stripping the producers of e-liquids of the ability to flavor their juices, it’s going to prevent you from purchasing flavored liquids in the United States. Not to mention that it will also put many e-liquid manufacturers, distributors, and vape shops, vape cafes, etc. permanently out of business and adversely affect manufactures of vape devices, batteries, coils, even cottons and other accessories.

Repercussions of FDA’s Attempt to Disallow Flavorings in Vape Juice

Should the FDA take away all flavorings from vape juices, there would only be tobacco flavored liquids. You can read the press announcement concerning the proposal here:

In it, FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, says, “The concerns around flavors in tobacco are not new. For years we have recognized that flavors in these products appeal to kids and promote youth initiation. The data backs this up, and as a result, Congress prohibited the use of most characterizing flavors in cigarettes.” Later, Mr. Gottlieb says, “With all this in mind, given our new policy framework and more recent evolutions in the tobacco marketplace, we believe it’s important that we re-examine the issue of flavors as we work to best protect public health and significantly reduce tobacco-related disease and death.

I hope that everyone realizes the possible repercussions of that statement. E-liquids are considered tobacco products. Congress has already prohibited flavorings in cigarettes. It stands to reason that they are very likely to accept the FDA’s proposal and ban flavorings from e-liquids, too. Unless, of course, the vast majority of vaping community members pipe up – loudly and clearly. There isn’t much more time to let the FDA know your opinion – if you haven’t done so yet, Do it now.

The FDA Requests Citizens’ Feedback

An Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (an ANPRM) was issued so citizens could weigh in. A survey was posted online and people had until the end of last month to take the survey. A final decision will be made soon and the FDA was asking for input from Americans. The FDA also posted a Federal Registry Comment page where people can go to submit comments to the FDA concerning the proposed ruling – for a few more days. But this opportunity to comment is only available until June 19th, this year. So, time is running out. You only have two weeks left to chime in.

How You Can Help

We’re asking everyone who didn’t get the memo to fill out the survey before it expired to go to this website; and submit a comment in support of e-liquid flavorings.  First, scroll down and read the instructions, then post your comment.

Just tell the FDA things such as how vaping has changed your life. Let them know how or why flavored e-liquids have helped you continue those important lifestyle changes. Offer suggestions on ways to keep flavored e-liquids available to adults and away from children – if you have any good ideas.

Write anything you can think of to express the importance of flavorings in your vape juices. Just be sane and civil, and be careful to use good grammar.

Also, please, please contact your congress members and state your support of flavorings in e-liquids. Even if you’ve already taken the survey or submitted your comments, it’s important to stay in the fight. There’s no way to overstress the importance of making your voice heard – and of making your voice heard again and again. We know the passion of most vapers – and we’re sure that you can do this!

How To Reach Your Congress Members

To reach your Senators, go to for an alphabetical list of all senators, their phone numbers and websites. There is a dropdown menu you can use to choose only your own state, so that you don’t have to scroll down through the long alphabetical list to find your Senators.

There’s a contact link below each Senators phone number.  The contact link will take you to a contact page. There, you may submit a message to your Senators, similar to the comments you made on the Federal Registry Comments page. Take the time to give him or her a phone call, too. The more times he or she hears from you, the better.

For a list of your state’s Representatives, please go to Next, find your Representatives’ webpages. To do this, type (his or her last name) into the search bar. (For example, we’re in Kentucky. To find one of our Representatives, I typed in into the Google search bar. The first result was Mr. Comer’s webpage.)

So, find the webpage in Google results and click it to go to your House of Representative’s webpage. In the menu, there’s a Contact Tab. That takes you to the page that you may use to send a message to the Representative whose website you’re visiting. Again, say something similar to the comments you made on the Federal Registry Comments page. Please do this for all the Representatives from your state, especially those from your district. Then, take time to call them all, as well. See how simple that is? Easy-peasy for the computer generation!

Sound Out to the Whitehouse

Finally, you may call the Whitehouse with comments at 202-456-1111. Or, you can write to the President of the United States at: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500.

Or, you can go to Instagram at: President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) or go to Twitter at: Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) to interact with the President.

Extremely Time Sensitive – Help Now!

I cannot tell you how critical this is. We’re quickly running out of time to make a difference in the final decision that the FDA will make concerning e-liquid flavorings. Not acting now could change vaping forever. So please, do everything in your power to help the vaping community continue to enjoy all the wonderful flavors that helped you fall in love with vaping in the first place. Wouldn’t it be just a cryin’ shame if flavored e-liquids were no longer on the market for folks to enjoy? Especially, if more people could have done more to keep those fabulousl, tasty flavors???

For more information or to find out other ways to help, you may want to contact the vaping advocacy group in your state. Many of them are listed here:

In Conclusion

It’s up to all of us to make our voices heard. It’ll only take you a few minutes to make what we’re all hoping will be a lasting, long-term effect. Without your participation, all could be lost. Let’s not wait around until “resistance is futile”.

As always, leave your comments below, pretty please. I love hearing from you. And, please share this article with every other vaper and vaping supporter that you know. Whatever happens next, at least we aren’t really under attack from dastardly-deed doers from other galaxies. So, stay calm and vape on.


The War on Flavors: FDA Fires the First Shot



  1. Richard Martin

    I had reservations about taking the survey initially but did my part for the future Vaper. I’ve enjoyed flavors up to this point and they should as well. The tactics that were put in place on social media I didn’t agree with but at the end of the day I see the point they were and are trying to make. If worse comes to worse and the ban moves forward there’s no reason why a Vaper should go back to smoking of the same 2 “tobacco and menthol” options are available in liquid forms that have been proven to be 95% healthier.

    • Sharon Wright

      Hey, Richard;

      Thanks for filling out the survey! It certainly would be a shame to lose all the great flavors that are available to vapers nowadays. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Have a spectacular day!

  2. CaptainNasty

    Lots of great recources in this article! We as society need to stad for safer alternatives… Knowledge is power!

    • Sharon Wright

      Hi, Captain. So true. Hopefully, folks will see the article, use the resources, and do what they can to stand up for vaping and for vape product manufacturers. Oh, yes – and share, share, share. Thanks for giving us a shout out today.


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