Cloud Chasing, Vape Tricks – Vaping’s Exclusive Sports, Yeah!

If you haven’t heard, where have you been?

If you’ve been vaping very long, there’s no way you haven’t heard of vaping’s favorite sports. If you’re new to vaping, it won’t be long until you’ve seen vaping’s breakout phenomena, cloud chasing and vape tricking on or heard of them from your vaping friends – or seen one or both on the street.

Cloud chasing is blowing vapor using a vaporizer or mod (usually specifically built to produce large vapor clouds) and an RDA using a low-resistance coil. The cloud chaser inhales deeply and then exhales vapor in huge, impressive clouds. 
Fairly new innovations, cloud chasing (also known as ‘extreme vaping’) and trick vaping have become quite the sensations. Let’s look at some history.

A bit of cloud chasing history…

Vaping itself was in its infancy in the late 2000s, with total annual national revenues reaching only into the millions. Now, the industry has expanded into a global merchandising wonder with revenues soaring into the billions of dollars annually.

Cloud chasing using vaping devices originated on the west coast of America in the early 2010s. But major publicity (for what was then merely a novelty) began in 2014, as articles on cloud chasing appeared in the Huffington Post, Gizmodo and other publications.
For some, cloud chasing is just a hobby. For others, it’s become a favorite recreation. But for a growing number of vapers, the recently-developed sensation and its companion, vape tricking, have become real sports, spawning worldwide competitions that offer prizes worth thousands of dollars.
The trend soon began to spread across the U.S. By 2015, cloud chasing was becoming popular in other countries, too. Competitions sprang up in Canada and Indonesia and soon spread to many other nations.
Interesting Note: According to the Internal Revenue Service, the difference between a hobby and a business is the profit margin. By that rule, America’s I.R.S. defines cloud chasing as a business.
Today, many trade shows around the world arrange competitions for extreme vapers. Regular competitors, known as professional vapers, can participate in two different types of contests: cloud competitions and trick competitions.

Let’s get to the competition!

Contestants in cloud competitions stand back to back (usually in front of a large ruler attached to the wall) and inhale deeply to a count – and then exhale vigorously. The contestant who is able to blow the largest, longest and densest clouds (also known as ‘plumes’) is the winner of a grand prize that can range from $250 to $100,000. The more elite professionals can emit thick, dense clouds that stretch over sixteen feet long.

Contestants in trick competitions exhale vapor into amazing shapes. Sometimes the shapes blown are manipulated to form even more fantastic shapes. These tricks take finely practiced techniques and are entertaining to watch.
Vape shops have jumped on the bandwagon and many host cloud comps and vape trick contests with spectators attending. Spectators or cloud gazers show up by the hundreds to be held spellbound by impressive plumes and tricks.

It’s a money maker…

It’s a lucrative venture, as contests draw in one of the most loyal consumer bases around today, the avid vaper. These folks are almost always ready to spend money on their passion. Even contestants who are bested by other entrants will rush to purchase devices and equipment used by top professionals. Shrewd shop owners will have done their homework and will have a supply of such merchandise on hand for sale at their sponsored shows.

Wanna be a pro?

The sport of cloud chasing is simple to take up but challenging to master, requiring strength and technical ability. Winning contestants will have spent much time conditioning their bodies, as the sport demands huge lung capacities. 

The tricksters sport is especially challenging and requires both technical and artistic abilities, as well as dedicated, time-consuming practice.

From hobby to profession

Professionals invest a lot of time perfecting their sport. Similar to other sports’ preparations, experienced pros will arrive early for a time of warm-up and final rehearsals before the competitions begin.

Accomplished pros in both disciplines can receive sponsorships, netting themselves free merchandise, monthly gratuities and travel expenses. These folks make competitions and video production their full-time profession and draw their livelihoods from the sport.

Some upcoming Comps…

A major upcoming event will be held at the Kitsap Conference Center in Bremerton Harborside, Washington in July this year during the West Coast Vape Expo’s Cloud and Trick Competition. The winner will walk away with $1,000. Not too shabby a prize just for showing up and doing something you enjoy.

Check out for another awesome competition that happens monthly from March through October in Colorado. 50 Shades of Custard is one of the proud sponsors of this monthly cloud and trick combo competition. Lots of cash and prizes will be given away during this summer-long event, with a total worth of over $20,000. (Plus bragging rights, of course!)
Interesting Note: Some folks think the practice of cloud chasing gives vaping a bad name, but many others find it perfectly acceptable.

Other things and some links for you…

Sites all over the internet instruct visitors on how they, too, can produce clouds and perform tricks just like any old pro. Social media platforms are replete with videos of professional vapers who’ve perfected their craft, with videos of both cloud chasing and trick vaping. Some of these performances are stunning.

Youtube is replete with cloud chasing videos and compilations of vape tricks. 50 Shades has its own Trick Team, called Trickologists. Here’s a link: Here you can see one of our Trickologists, James Hill, AKA Kid Technyc, a champion trickster. Take a look, be mesmerized, and leave him a cool comment.
If you’re interested in cloud chasing competitions, check out this free video on the Wall Street Journal’s site: No need to sign up for a Journal subscription, this video is free, though the accompanying article does require a paid subscription.
Interesting Note: The Wall Street Journal has called cloud chasing an extreme sport! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about vaping’s exclusive sports. 
Leave your comments below, please. Let us know if you’ve been to a live competition and what you thought about it. As always, stay calm and vape on!  


  1. Richard Martin

    It still amazes me every time I see it and I’ve been Vaping about 4 year’s…. they’re true professionals! Not only is it fun…but proven to be healthier so it’s a win win! Another great article.

    • Sharon Wright

      Hi, Richard. The sports associated with vaping are truly amazing and so much fun, aren’t they? Personally, I’ve passed a lot of time just watching the videos! Never gets old. Healthy, fun, AMAZING – win, win, win! Thank you so much for the compliment on my articles. I think I’ll just keep you forever! Blessings.

  2. Ben

    Joseph Robinson in 1927 came up with the idea, which has now changed so many lives.

    • Sharon Wright

      So true, Ben. Robinson invented the idea of e-cigs back in ’27. Modern popularity of the idea of vaping actually started in 1963 with Herbert Gilbert’s idea of smokeless, non-tobacco cigarettes. Later, in the mid-2000’s, Hon Lik, a Chinese company, put out the first modern e-cig. The industry has expanded from there to become a multi-billion dollar, world-wide endeavor. Vaping continues to change lives to this very day and let’s all hope the industry continues to grow so that many more lives can be, not only changed, but saved. Thanks so much for joining the discussion!

  3. Blackstar_vapes

    Awesome blog. Lover it. And the pictures are stellar. !!

    • Sharon Wright

      And we lover you, too, Blackstar! Thanks for lovering my article! I appreciate you being with us today. (Those ARE cool pics, huh?)

  4. CaptainNastyOfficial

    I love how much energy this article gives to one of the fun sides to our industry. I am forever grateful for the shot out with our comp series out here in Colorado! What a great lookong set of photos to boot! Thank You Sharon!

    • Sharon Wright

      Hey, Captain! You’re so welcome. Thank you for the compliment on the article, too.

  5. Sarah Beth

    This is so true!! When youve kicked the cig habit it becomes a hobby!! And its so much fun!!!

    • Sharon Wright

      Right on, Sarah! Not just fun – BIG FUN! Thanks for joining the party!


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